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You've received a beautiful fresh floral arrangement and it makes you smile every time you see it.  But how do you keep it looking beautiful and fresh?  
It's easy if you follow these simple steps!

LOCATION: The location where you display your floral arrangement is extremely important.  Don't place in areas with excessive light or heat (window sills, under lamps, next to a stove) or areas of extreme cold (air conditioners).  Fresh cut flowers prefer a moderate temperature.  Think coffee table in a room with diffused light.  

CLEAN WATER:  Clean, cold water is vital to keeping your floral arrangement alive.  When your water looks cloudy or low, that is a sign to change it ASAP, so I recommend changing it daily. 

A CLEAN VASE: When changing the water, give your vase a good rinse in warm water and if needed a wipe with a paper towel.  Before refilling, be sure to cool it down with a spritz of cold water. 

RE-CUT STEMS:  When you change your water, it is recommended you give the stems a sharp snip at an angle.  I suggest that everyone own a sharp pair of clippers.  They needn't be expensive, just sharp and not kitchen scissors.  To keep the shape of your arrangement at the same time, do the following: 

 - Cup arrangement in both hands at the base of the floral stems and carefully lift from vase. 

 - Holding gently in one hand, lightly twist twine or floral wire just underneath your hand. 

 - Snip the stems at an angle.

 - Replace in vase of cold, clean water.  

I hope these steps help you to continue the enjoyment of your floral arrangement.  

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